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Empowering Your Mental Health Journey


Our mental health is as present as our physical health. Sometimes robust, sometimes in need of attention, support or intervention. A challenging life event, an accumulation of events, or historical / childhood experiences can leave us confused, anxious or depressed and struggling to cope.

Jean-Marie offers a safe and confidential space to explore and bring clarity to your unique situation. You will be heard. You will be supported to discover the awareness and strength to make any changes you feel you need. 

Specialising in:

- Anxiety

- Relationships
- Stress & Trauma

- Recovery from Childhood Trauma or Abuse

- Life changes

- Anger

- Self-defeating behaviours

- Self Confidence / Self Esteem

Fees - Counselling Hour up to 50 minutes

Weekdays 10am-4pm £50.  5pm-7pm or Saturday £60

Single Session Therapy £70
Free Initial consultation 

Up to 15 Minutes 

Happy Portrait

Finding Your Strength in Vulnerability

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